15 May 2014

close up

Here is some close up of my last artwork for the my new book... I'll tell you or show you more asap !

14 April 2014

busy !

Hi folks ! Many Sorry for the long wait. I can't show you my current work, that's still confidential... However, I can tell you I'm working on 4 books for Piccolia and on a very personal book project.

But you can see here, some labels I did for a fairy shop/Gallery in Switzerland named "le Miroir aux Fées". 

09 March 2014

Many sorry for the long wait...

Damn, it's been so much time since my last post on this blog ! I'm so sorry for that, I was very busy at my current projects... I've finished my book : Les Fables de Jean de La Fontaine, I've made not less of 40 artworks with more of 80 characters, everything making a 473 inches fabulous fresco !! Big work ! The book will be available at the beginning of the autumn...

And here a close up of a work in progress for a card game...

See you later, lot of projects on fire, 2014 is full of work !! 

01 January 2014

All my best wishes for this new year !

20 November 2013

A question of Magic

Hey folks, here a cover for the last book of the best seller author E.D. Baker ! It's with Bloomsbury and it's available right now !

16 October 2013

La Fontaine

Now I can talk about my big project of the moment. It's a book about "Les Fables de La Fontaine" with Piccolia. It will be available for 2014, I will let you know exactly when.

Here is one of the 40 illustrated Fables and a detail of the fable in progress. Hope you'll like it !